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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small Summer Boat Projects

 I installed two 12V cigarette lighter-type outlets.  These are attached to a cabinet, not hanging loose on a wire that falls into the sink (like the old one!)

 I splurged and got a new electrical cable for the GPS.  Now it can run off the boat batteries instead of endless AA batteries!

My Dad fixed the navigation lights for me!  Knock on wood, they all work now!!!


Phillip Reid said...

That all looks like neatly-done work. Yes it is way better to run the GPS off house power. I noticed two things about my latest-generation stereo, similar to yours--one, it hates voltage drop, so if it ever goes kerflooey on you, maybe it's just that particular battery has dropped enough below 12 that it won't run it; and two, it's ridiculously vulnerable to lightning anywhere near it. They're great except that the electronics just aren't very hardy. Unlike a standard VHF which can last forever.

Kristin said...

Funny that you should mention that, Phillip. I discovered on the trip that the CD player in the stereo no longer worked. The amplifier still worked because I could still play my portable satellite radio through it. I don't think that the voltage ever got below 12 that trip, but maybe I'll try the CD player again with a full charged battery. I don't know if there's a way to fix the CD player without buying a new stereo.