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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Removing Oil Paint From Cats

Good luck with this! I paint on an easel except that I put my oil paintings on the floor to paint the straight lines and the detail work so that I can brace my elbow on the floor to keep my hand steady. This works great. Unfortunately, today, the painting was too close to my coffee table and the cat jumped down onto the painting. He got some lovely yellow paint on his front paws and started tracking it across the carpet! I got most of it off the cat with a rag with some turpentine, but then I tried to rinse off the paint thinner in the sink. He didn't like that very much and started screaming. I think I got most of it, and then I tried to cut off some fur that still looked like it had paint on it. He didn't like that either, and spent entirely too long licking his paws. But I must have gotten most of the bad chemicals off because he appears to be ok. I'm going to leave the paw prints on the painting... I think he was trying to help! This a portrait of a dog that I did last winter that I am reworking. It will be a while before I have photos of the new work, mostly because I have been sailing. I had a great sail Saturday night in the Shearwater Twilight Race, there was a good wind and a gorgeous sunset and I had really good crew onboard who all got along and handled the sails well!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orange Cliff, Round Bay 6/5/10

After I painted the sketch in the meadow in the last post, I walked back towards the boat, but before hiking back down to the sandbar, I painted this watercolor of the cliff across the bar. I worked pretty fast because the most scenic place on the penninsula was crawling with ants! Then I rowed out of Brewer Pond and attempted to sail back home, but now I had the outgoing tide and the wind against me! Lets just say it was a verrrrry lonnnnng row!

Round Bay Sketch

Last Saturday, I took out Morgaine and sailed to the undeveloped shore by Brewer Pond on Round Bay near Sherwood Forest. The wind was behind me going out and the tide was high, so I made good time. I beached the boat on a sandbar and climbed up a gentle slope facing Brewer Pond, the opposite side of the penninsula being a shear cliff. I painted this watercolor in a meadow surrounded by trees facing Round Bay. I hope to paint an oil from this sketch soon.

Mill Creek in Autumn, 2010

I worked from last year's sketch of Mill Creek to create this oil painting in the studio this June.

Mill Creek 2009

I painted this watercolor sketch while anchored aboard Ca Ira last October at the entrance to Mill Creek off of Whitehall Bay.

St. Helena's Island and Hopkin's Creek's Sandbar

The is the oil that I painted in the studio in May 2010 working from the previously posted watercolor sketch.

St. Helena's Island behind Hopkin's Creek's Sandbar

This is another watercolor sketch that I painted from Morgaine in 2002 at Hopkin's Creek's sandbar. The tops of the purple trees visible in the background are on St. Helena's Island.

Hopkin's Creek May 2010

This is the finished oil painting that I did in the studio working from the sketch that I posted previously.

Hopkins Creek Sketch

I painted this watercolor sketch in June of 2002 from my rowboat, Morgaine, beached on the sandbar at the entrance to Hopkin's Creek off of Round Bay on the Severn River.