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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Removing Oil Paint From Cats

Good luck with this! I paint on an easel except that I put my oil paintings on the floor to paint the straight lines and the detail work so that I can brace my elbow on the floor to keep my hand steady. This works great. Unfortunately, today, the painting was too close to my coffee table and the cat jumped down onto the painting. He got some lovely yellow paint on his front paws and started tracking it across the carpet! I got most of it off the cat with a rag with some turpentine, but then I tried to rinse off the paint thinner in the sink. He didn't like that very much and started screaming. I think I got most of it, and then I tried to cut off some fur that still looked like it had paint on it. He didn't like that either, and spent entirely too long licking his paws. But I must have gotten most of the bad chemicals off because he appears to be ok. I'm going to leave the paw prints on the painting... I think he was trying to help! This a portrait of a dog that I did last winter that I am reworking. It will be a while before I have photos of the new work, mostly because I have been sailing. I had a great sail Saturday night in the Shearwater Twilight Race, there was a good wind and a gorgeous sunset and I had really good crew onboard who all got along and handled the sails well!


Suzanne McDermott said...

Tallulah is a cat with pure white fur who lives in my studio. Last year when I was working with water soluble oils, she managed to make contact with a very bright green. Because I can't stand turpentine and don't have any around, I decided to let the green fade which it did after a while. Fortunately, no paw prints!

Kristin said...

Ha! That must have looked strange! I'm glad that your cat had no ill effects from it. My cat, Roger, appears to be fine today, so I guess I cleaned the paint off of him pretty good.

Lisa Daria said...

oh dear - try baby oil next time. OH - and there will be a next time - I don't have a cat, but my dog LICKED a canvas once - green paint.

Mill Creek in Autumn, I'm drawn to the shapes and the combination of colors - interesting work.

Kristin said...

Oh, no! I can't imagine getting paint off of a dog's tongue! This is the second cat that I've had to clean oil paint off of with paint thinner. The first was the kitten that my sister brought home from college. He also licked photographic prints, especially if they were drying. I don't know if it was the developer, fix, or stop bath that drew him, but you couldn't leave them around the house when he was there. In his later years, that cat has been known to swim (he missed the dock from my boat) and fly (out of the second story window) on occasion. He has lots of adventures! I'll try baby oil next time! Thanks for your kind comment about Mill Creek in Autumn!