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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dock in Hopkin's Creek

I painted this from my Acorn Dinghy, Morgaine, in Hopkin's Creek off the Severn River.
7" by 10" Watercolor


Franz said...

Hi Kristin,is very nice, the colors that you used give a sense of peace and serenity!


Kristin said...

Thank you Franz! Hopkin's Creek is a very peaceful place! It's very well protected from the wind- many boats anchor there when hurricanes come through.

Jane said...

Beautiful landscape Kristin, incredible that it is so protected even from hurricanes, must be a wonderful place indeed.
Have a nice weekend

Kristin said...

Thank you Jane!

Bursledon Blogger said...


Really good picture, I have enough trouble taking photos from my dinghy. What's especially nice about your picture is the sense that one can only access that space by boat, a new dimension that is granted by the artist


Kristin said...

Thanks Burlesdon Blogger! Yeah, taking my watercolor paints out on the boat gives me a new perspective on painting the landscape. I love your blog, I always read it in my blog reader!

Antonio Machado said...

Hello Kristin,
I enjoyed the interpretation of this watercolor.

Kristin said...

Obrigado Antonio! I regret that I have been neglecting my blog. I've been too busy sailing this summer:) I'll try to paint some more and post the images here soon!