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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sailing Trip 2012

I went sailing on Ca Ira, my Pearson Triton, with Morgaine, my Acorn dinghy, in tow, from August 31 to September 9.  The next few days I'll be posting my log entries and photographs and paintings from the trip.

Friday 31 August 2012

1620  Onboard loading supplies.  Coolant Check. Belt Check. Oil Check. 3/4 Tank Diesel. Stuffing box damp Check. Prop shaft bolts wired on Check. Zinc fish off Check. Trans fluid Check. Heat exchanger zinc Check. Engine raw water intake seacock open Check.
 Dad hauled me up the mast and I found out that the problem with the steaming light was a bad connection, so Dad hoisted a file to me and I cleaned up the fitting.  Now the light works!
Dad helped me maneuver Ca Ira and Morgaine out of the slip, and I departed the dock solo.

1800 Through Spa Creek Bridge.

1900 Anchor Down in Whitehall Bay.  Nice cool breeze coming up the bay from the south.  I'm near the channel for Whitehall Creek.  Hopefully NOT in it.  A guy named Raoul just rowed over and invited me for cocktails with his wife [On his Sabre.] I think I might go.
13' Water.

2100  Went and had a drink with them.  It was fun.  Now bedtime.

Saturday 1 September 2012

0700 Started engine.  Both Batteries.

0717  Up anchor Whitehall Bay.

0754  Full main up.  Engine off.  Batt. #2.  Mouth of Severn.  Heading south 4.3 knots.

0804  Blade jib up.  4.9 knots.  Dark cloud and whitecaps NW of me.  Looks clearer south.

1250  Autohelm beeping -- low battery.  Turned on engine..

1359  Left both sails up-- not flapping-- 6 knots motorsailing.

1400 Killed engine.

1520 Wind dieing.  Mouth of Patuxent.  Started engine.

1525 Sails down but ready to raise again.

1730 Anchor down by Breeden's Point at mouth of Rollins Cove, St. Leonard's Creek.  There are cows grazing on a beach on the shore.  Brown and white cows.

Sunday 2 September 2012
0920  There was a loud, violent thunderstorm last night.  Not too windy, though.  Looks like no wind today, but more rain and thunderstorms, according to the marine radio.  I'm going to motor to Spring Cove Marina in Solomon's to replace the house battery.

0930 Started engine.

1011 Up anchor Breeden's Point.  Underway.

1230 Spring Cove Marina, Solomon's.  Took on 7 Gallons of Diesel.  Got ice, water, and a new battery.

1430 Anchored back where I was last night.  T-storm threatening.

1620  T-storm stayed east.  I got out of Solomon's just in time :)  Sun out now.  I just rowed over to photograph the cows and I rowed up to the end of Rollin's Cove.

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