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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sailing Trip 2012 Part Three

Wednesday 5 September 2012

7" by 10" Watercolor from the morning while anchored by Breeden's Point.

0919 A big gray cloud south of me does not look as threatening as it did an hour ago.  Ton of wind.  But need to go to Solomon's for ice.
Started engine both batteries.
0935  Up anchor departed St. Leonard's Creek.
1032  Just passed a small odd-looking naval ship anchored by at least three anchors by Point Patience.  The "Apache."  Wonder what they're doing?  Some little grey navy boats zipping around.

1138  Spring Cove Marina.  1.8 gallons diesel, ice, water
1220  Anchored Old House Cove, Mill Creek, Solomon's.
1538  Rowed Morgaine to head of Old House Cove, where I startled a duck, then I sailed her to the intersection of Mill Creek and St. John Creek, wind fluky and I thought I heard thunder and saw lightening, so I came back to Ca Ira.  No precip.  Yet.

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