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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sailing Trip 2012 Part Four

Thursday 6 September 2012
0810  Started engine both batteries.
0825  Up anchor departing Old House Cove.

Mark at Drum point.

0925  Full main up.  Killed engine.  Running towards G77.
0930  Jib up.  Jibed.
0941  Pole out- wing-on-wing- I managed to hit the port running light with the pole a few times and now there's a bad connection.
0957  Pole down.  Broad reach.  2 knots.  Rain.

1520  So to sum up the last several hours:  The rain got harder, the wind built, so off of Cove Point, I lowered the sails and started the engine (thank god that Dad and I fixed the steaming light before I left)  The rain got lighter, so once past RW"CP"Mo(A) Whis, I raised the main, with one reef this time, and the 150% genny.  To point into the Choptank, I had to tack and this was frustrating, then the wind got gustier, and after the port cockpit coaming went in the water, I put on my lifejacket and lowered the sails and motored to Choptank R "10" where the rain had stopped, the wind lightened, and there were even a few specs of blue sky - I think - it's been so long since I've seen one.  Now I'm broad reaching towards the mouth of Harris Creek at 4.5 knots wondering what all the fuss and fear was about.
1630  Harris Creek.  Sails down.  Engine on.  Set up anchor.
1709  Hook down.  Dun Cove.  Exhausted.
I accomplished something today.  It was far from the worst that the bay is capable of.  It wasn't even as bad as the worst that I've personally been on the bay in, but it still was hard and I've been rewarded by a quiet anchorage and what promises to be a lovely sunset.
1912  Rowed Morgaine over to a bit of beach where I took everything out of her.  Lifted her up to drain most of the (rain) water out (about 3".)  Not strong enough to completely empty her - I had to sponge out the last bit.  Raised sail and said "hi" to the 2 other boats anchored in Dun Cove, a guy and his girlfriend? from Baltimore, on a Hunter, and a really nice old man, his wife, and springer spaniel on a trawler.  Sailed back to Ca Ira - didn't have to use the oars and had a great landing :)
(I was so tired when I wrote this last journal entry that my handwriting was terrible.)

Pics of Ca Ira and Morgaine from the beach at Dun Cove.

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