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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sailing Trip 2012 Part 5

Friday 7 September 2012
0916  Diesel 7/8 full.
0921  Started engine.  Both batteries.
0935  Anchor up.  Departing Dun Cove.
         Knapp's Narrows Marina and Inn.  2.63 gallons of diesel, water, ice.
1056  Clear of Knapp's Narrows Chanel.  Morgaine is back in her place behind us, fenders are in, and I did not get run over by the Stanley Norman :)
1158  Motored through Poplar Island Channel, then raised double reefed main and killed engine.  4.2 knots.
1216  Blade jib up.  4.5 knots broad reach up Eastern Bay.
1318  Shook one reef.  Approaching Tilghman Point.
          My stereo is not turning on at all now.  It's a good thing I kept the first reef in the main because I needed it after I rounded Tilghman Point.  Even with it, I was spilling air from the main as I tacked towards the Wye where I lowered the jib and main and started up the engine.
          The first time I set the anchor in Shaw Bay, I noticed that the trip line was just long enough so that the float was on the surface, then when I put weight on the anchor, the float popped just below the surface.  I was in 18' of water and I guess that was too deep for the float.
1528  I motored around Shaw Bay and could not find any place shallower than 16', so I cut off the float and set the anchor in 18' of water.  We'll see how this works when  I go to raise the anchor.
1840  Took apart the fuse box and stereo.  Got out the voltmeter and couldn't remember how to use it.  Called Dad and the stereo miraculously fixed itself, though I think the problem is a loose connection in the wires behind the stereo.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Watercolor of Shaw Bay in the morning. 7" by 10"

1123  Started engine.  Both batteries.  Fell asleep.
1247  Killed engine.
1327  Started engine.  Both batteries.
          Raised anchor.  Motored up Wye East River following Interlude.
1424  Rafted alongside of Interlude in Dividing Creek.  Ton of wind.

Bad storm approaching Saturday night.

Ca Ira and Interlude rafted up together after the storm.

One day left of my cruise to write up on the blog.  I'll try to do it tomorrow.

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