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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sailing Trip 2012 Part Six

Sunday 9 September 2012

0818  Started engine rafted up with Interlude in Dividing Creek
0835  Cast off from Interlude.
1002  Main up -- two reefs -- killed engine -- off Tilghman Point.
1011  Raised blade jib 4.7 knots.
1020  Shook second reef.
1035  Interlude is sailing ahead of me with a Sabre between the two of us.  Someone on the Sabre just fired a gun for no apparent reason.
1103  What a beautiful day!!!

1201  Shook 1st reef by Bloody Point.
1221  Started engine to head for Annapolis.
1234  Main down.
1412  Passed off Morgaine to Mom and Dad on Interlude.  Went smoothly. Off of Horn Point Shoal Pole.
1430  Through Spa Creek Bridge.
1440  Ca Ira secured in slip at Burnside St.
1510  Cleaned and sponged out ice chest.  Pumped and sponged bilge dry.
1513  Put on shoes for the first time since last Friday.  I need to buy stove alcohol.  Need to fix fresh water pump and check port running light and check stereo.
1633  Vessel cleaned and secured at Burnside St. slip.

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