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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boat Projects Continue

Ca Ira's companionway hatch boards fit nicely now that I've epoxied strips of mahogany on either side to widen them. The photo shows the test fit, now I'm varnishing them.

I'm also varnishing Morgaine's spars.

I filled this hole in Ca Ira's aft deck with epoxy. I'm not really sure why it formed, but I'll watch the epoxy patch and see if it holds.

Every year when I haul Ca Ira, I find that a few of the bolts holding on her pintals and gudgeons have broken and I have to replace them. I'm not sure why the bolts break, but this year, I photographed the bolts that I replaced so that I can see if the same bolts break next year.


Antonio Machado said...

Hello Kristin,
the pictures of these details have become works of visual art.
I like your blog.
A hug

Kristin said...

Obrigado Antonio! I wasn't sure whether I should post the photos of my boat projects or not. I'm so glad that you like them. Now I see that I was right to post them! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!