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Thursday, March 31, 2011


16" by 22" Oil on Panel


ruma said...

Many aid, encouragement, kindness...
From all over the world...

Thanks to all of them.
Tears of the heart will accept them.

From Japan, ruma

Antonio Machado said...

Hello Kristin,
beautiful abstract painting!
These shades of crimson lacquer, alizarin are beautiful!

Kristin said...

Thanks to you both for commenting on my blog!
Ruma, my best wishes go out to your country.
Antonio, I'm glad that you like the colors in this painting.

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Beautiful rich and dynamic painting! Love the roiling textures and colors. Also enjoy seeing your boats and all the hard work in maintaining them. Hope we'll get to see Ca Ira in full sail!

Kristin said...

Thanks Lorraine! It's always hard to get photos of your own boat under sail, but maybe some of the other boats in the Chesapeake Bay Triton Fleet will get a few shots of Ca Ira this summer.