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Monday, May 31, 2010

Painting of Mill Creek

It has been an exciting couple of weekends on my Pearson Triton, Ca Ira. One day, I had to hide the rum down in the bottom of a cockpit locker to keep it from a certain crewmember to avoid alcohol poisioning-- that was a low point. Otherwise, there's been great wind to sail a Triton in every time that I go out, except when I race. Both this Saturday and last, the wind died to nothing as soon as the race started. This Saturday we got lucky in that the current carried us both down the Bay and up the Eastern Bay with enough momentum to finish DFL. But the cruise home on Sunday both weekends was great with just enough wind to keep the boat on a comfortable heel, and the company, food, and drinks were good. I have found the time to finish the second painting of Hopkin's Creek that I was working on last week. I have just started a new oil painting of the entrance to Mill Creek off of Whitehall Bay. I am working from a watercolor that I painted while cruising aboard Ca Ira last October, when she was anchored in Mill Creek.

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