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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Second Landscape Painting

I finished the landscape of Hopkins Creek that I was working on last week. Then I started another view of the same creek. It's the canvas that I put the purplish ground on last week. I got the sky pretty much finished on Tuesday, then the boats got in the way. Last night, I moved my sailboat down the river to Annapolis, so she is ready to race this weekend. There was almost no wind, but we tried to sail for a couple of hours and just drifted very slowly. Then we started up the engine and got to her slip around 10. And I'm going out sailing this evening, too. I have to provision for this weekend's sailing on Friday after work, but I hope to get some more painting done that evening. Once I get a couple more paintings finished, I'll get them photographed and posted online.


Kristi said...

Hi Kristin. Finally getting a chance to take a look. LOVELY! I really enjoy your work. Keep up the painting (and sailing!). - Kristi

Kristin said...

Thank you! I just saw your post because it's been a while since I checked the blog. I'm up to my ears in boats!