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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day Five

This morning I painted for a while and Daniel got a lift to a grocery store from a fellow sailor. We took on ice and water and considered how we were going to get both boats safely out of the slip with a strong wind pinning the boats to the dock. Finally, we devised a plan that Daniel would assist me with Ca Ira's lines and I would motor her away from the dock. Then Daniel would row Morgaine out to meet me. It was a success! We motored out to Mill Creek with Morgaine in tow and had just set the hook when a thunderstorm hit! After it cleared, we decided to press on, undaunted, with Morgaine. We rowed her up Mill Creek wher we saw laborers fell a tree damaged in Sunday night's thunderstorm. We continued to the rapids at the headwaters of Mill Creek and we got soaked by the next rain sqall:)


Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier, but I think I screwed it up. Anywho, sounds like you two are having fun (even with all the rain)! I look forward to seeing your watercolors. -Jennifer

Kristin said...

I will post the watercolors soon!