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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Voyage Home, Day Nine

With half a tank of diesel left, we motored out of Shaw Bay in the fog.  The wind never came up, so we motored the whole way home to Annapolis.  When we got out on the Chesapeake Bay, we could see that the water was now the color of brown mud and full of debris.  This was running down the bay from the flooding in Pennsylvania.  We managed not to hit anything, but the southbound current slowed us down about a knot and a half.  We got Ca Ira and Morgaine put away and cleaned up about 1730, just as another thunderstorm came through... an appropriate end to our week's cruise!

Link to the last photos from the trip:


Anonymous said...

I just ran through all your posts and pictures... what a great trip. Thanks for documenting and sharing! Cute bathing suit too... -Jennifer

Kristin said...

Thanks Jennifer! Can you make prints for me sometime of the photos?