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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Night Sail-- Day Seven

At 0930, with assistance from the very friendly and helpful dock hands, Daniel and I departed Somers Cove Marina, in Crisfield, MD, on Ca Ira with Morgaine in tow.  An hour later we killed the engine and raised the main and genoa.  At 1300 the sun came out and we raised the kite to take advantage of the southerly winds out on the Chesapeake Bay.  We had a lovely sail for about an hour until the wind died and we started motoring.  Around 1530, we had a slight breeze so we raised the spinnaker only and ran up the bay.  The boat was moving at about three knots downwind against a strong current.  The current was from flooding in Maryland and Pennsylvania caused by the recent tropical storms and high amounts of rainfall.  Ca Ira was coasting along so calmly and flatly that we were able to grill shrimp and veggies for dinner underway in the middle of the bay.  I raised the radar reflector from the port flag halyards before the sun went down.
At 2055 we saw ships coming down the channel towards us, but the wind had gotten so light that we could not maneuver out of the way.  We pulled down the spinnaker and started the engine.  The wind came back and an hour and a half later we raised the main and blade jib.  We set a course for the Poplar Island Channel.
For more photos from last Friday, day seven, click on this link:

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